Rent a car

There are many things to consider when planning your visit to Timisoara or Arad. Among them is the decision to rent a car.

The first thing to consider is, do you really need a car while on your vacation or simple visit?

If you are staying at a local hotel, aren't on a tight budget, and plan on visiting the city or even nearby locations, then you need a car. If you choose our car rental services you will have the car waiting for you at the airport for no extra charge.

You need to definitely consider renting a car. Local transportation companies are not that efficient and time consuming especially if you plan on visiting the city a lot. The advantages to renting a car are many. You can easily visit any location and participate in all events, save money by buying food and souvenirs at the supermarkets, not have to rely on public transportation to get you back to your hotel.

Driving around here is relatively easy. The roads are in excellent condition and very well marked to all the major attractions. You may experience some traffic on the highways, your best bet is to just relax and go with the flow. Make sure to have a map and consult it prior to leaving for a particular destination.